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Surname: RALEB
Given name: Albertine
Canala village
Activity: Boat trips and snorkelling
Class: Tourism officer 2009
Testimonial: “This training course was very rewarding. It will help me in organising my schedule, reception and the management of my business as I have several activities. What I appreciated most was the workplace training at Babou Plongée where I learned how to run a business. I also liked the excursions in the field. Before the training course, I didn’t take into account the protection of our lagoon, the forests and the mangrove swamp. This training course opened my eyes. I encourage all those who will do it after me.”

Surname: FOLGER
Given name: Jean Jacques
Tiendanite tribal village, Hienghène
Activity: Setting up a Hienghène guides company
Class: Tourism officer 2008
Testimonial: “I did this training course as I needed to increase my knowledge of tourism, the environment, accounting, computers and English. Thanks to this course, I got to know my district better. I then obtained a scholarship from the New Zealand Consulate to do a one-year English training course in Aotearoa. I worked with the indigenous people of that country. They came to Hienghène and to Mont Panié for two months to eradicate animals harmful to the environment. I have been able to advance with my plan, have received assistance from the North Province, and have developed tourism in the territory.”

Surname: WAKA
Given name: Austien
Kokingone tribal village, Touho
Activity: Horse trekking
Class: Horse-riding guide 2009
Testimonial: “I had my first horse at eight years of age and ever since I have been fascinated. In 2007 I did the tourism officer training and the North Province Tourism group suggested that I do the horse-riding guide training in 2009. Since 2007, I have been organising horse treks for tourists and horse rides for children during the tribal village markets. The horse-riding guide training taught me how to guide tourists along the paths, how to look after a horse correctly and how to run my activity. For me what matters is staying in the tribal village to earn my living, instead of going to work outside.”

Surname: COUHIA
Given name: Alain
Tiendanite tribal village, Hienghène
Activity: Horse trekking
Class: Horse-riding guide 2009
Testimonial: “I started horse-riding when I was nine years old. After cattle raising was abandoned, a lot of horses remained free and were used for hunting. Seven years ago, the tribe developed tourist activities (trekking, tribal accommodation etc.) and set up an association. The training course gave me a qualification for practising horse-riding, my passion, within the standards. Today, we are working with the Hienghène Tourism Office and the Daayû Biik association. We have a varied clientele: beginners, enthusiasts and nature lovers. And when the tourists finish the trek, they only have one idea in mind: coming back again.”