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The North Province covers an area of 9,578km², i.e. more than half the entire country; Its territory extends from Haute Poya in the West to Canala in the East. A very narrow mountainchain runs the entire length of the island, which makes for a long (400 km) but not very wide (50-70 km maximum) area in the form of a lizard.

The mountain chain, rich and dense, is covered with various types of forest depending on the altitude (the highest peak is Mount Panié at 1,629 metres) and a great number of plant species, many of which are endemic. Several cross-country roads take you from one coast to the other, but we particularly recommend that you opt from Koné - Tiwaka which offers magnificent lookouts and rest areas.

Finally, the North Province stands out for the diversity of its scenery: each region has unique geography, and there are particularities specific to each area, thus creating microregions that are remarkable for their cultural or economic specialities. In terms of its administrative and custom organisation, the North Province has 17 communes or districts and 199 tribal villages, 191 of which are grouped into 28 custom districts speaking as many vernacular languages. In addition it is divided into four custom areas, each with an area council.


The West coast

West coast of New Caledonia

The Far North

Far Nord of New Caledonia

The Oceanian coast

East coast of New Caledonia

The Mineral South

South of New Caledonia

The climate

Endowed with a temperate tropical climate, New Caledonia, situated north of the Tropic of Capricorn, lives according to the rythm of its two main saesons.

Note, however that the north of the country is hotter and drier than the rest of the island. Summer extends from December to March, often with strong rain in January and February and maximum temperatures varying from 28° to 33°C. In winter, which lasts from June to September, average temperatures range from 20° to 23°C with cool evenings. Thus, in October and November, then in April and May, the country has two very pleasant between-season periods during which it is generally fine and neither too hot nor too cool to take advantage of the pleasurees of land and sea.

Depending on the period and the place, the water temperature ranges from 21° to 28°C. Note too that in New Caledonia night falls early, around 5.30 pm during the southern winter and around 6.30 pm in summer.

In short, no period is really preferable to any other for visiting the North, even if those who love sunbaking and lazing around generally prefer the southern summer to the winter.