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The original dwelling in New Caledonia, the Kanak traditional hut ranges from practical realities to mystical concepts. Traditionally, the great hut of the chefferie or chiefdom is a joint work designed by the entire group for the chief. For the house is a living being that must be respected and protected. It is inhabited by invisible presences, ancestors who are guarantors of the group’s continuity, and has a strong link with the cosmos. That is why not just anyone can go in. Historically, it is prohibited to women and children. It is home to the custom festivals and is above all a place of discussion. You do not approach it without adopting the code of respect and going through intermediaries according to hierarchy and kinship. And even if the high chief is allowed to sleep or spend the day in this protocol dwelling, he lives in his own hut, just beside it. Inside it, the top and the bottom have status distinctions. The floor and the walls are the level of those living. The roof and the roof timbers belong to the dead and the spirits. Another essential item: the fire which preserves the framework and other plants from rotting and also from termites and mosquitoes and which naturally provides heat and light. And on the ridgepole, there is an arrow placed by the uterine uncle, on the tip of which (the extremity) is planted a conch shell (toutoute) which contains magic herbs and which is intended to spread the word of the chefferie.