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The GIE Tourisme Province Nord (North Province Tourism group)

The tasks of the North Province Tourism group

Previously limited to local and more rarely international promotion operations, the scope of the GIE Tourisme Province Nord (North Province tourism economic interest group) has gradually broadened to the tourist development of the region.
Thus this organisation works in various ways to help tourism in the North take off, by building on the province’s major policy directions. In particular through certain methods of supporting businesses and some innovations, such as the well-known “Discovery weekends” conducted in the Northern districts with great success. Not to mention its involvement in training guides for tourists and cruise passengers.

Here in detail are its missions:

  • Promoting tourism in the North Province on the New Caledonian market and in external markets.
  • Ensuring that the quality of the tourist product in the North Province is maintained and improved.
  • Participating in building up New Caledonian tourism and in the concerted application of the development plans of New Caledonia and the North Province.
  • Making North Province tourism stakeholders more professional, by introducing vocational training operations in consultation with New Caledonia’s public vocational facilities, the three provinces and other institutions concerned.