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The far north of the Grande Terre is the end of the world! A place outside time, ideal for unwinding far from civilisation, in a magnificent setting where everything is right for welcoming visitors under the best conditions. Leaving Koumac, the road leading to Poum then Poingam and finally Boat-Pass (the northernmost point in the country) is quite simply stunning. The colour of the land moves through an infinity of variations between white and orange. The contrast with the blue sky and the green vegetation results in a mixture of tones which is as surprising as it is exhilarating. Not to mention the wild horses running in the bush, a few metres from you…A waking dream!
Moreover, with varied and good quality accommodation facilities, and also really authentic and welcoming gîtes, Poum has made real efforts for tourism by enhancing its natural assets. On land, there are walks, particularly in the Ougne forest, to the village of Arama or the Pilou mine. On the lagoon, there are trips to the islets, fishing for bonefish in the shallows or memorable scuba diving. As part of the registration of the New Caledonian lagoon on the UNESCO world heritage list, the “North and East Coastal Area” includes part of this district, which contains some of the land and sea buffer zones of this area recognised throughout the world for its exceptional beauty and land and sea biodiversity.
Each year in May, Poum also runs its sea festival.
From Boat-Pass, you notice inhabited islands and islets, such as Baaba or Yandé, and on the way you can stop at magnificent Nennon Beach. A piece of paradise hidden by greenery where you won’t be disturbed, as visitors are rare and discreet. Continuing on your way, you can also stop at Tiabet tribal village.

Practical information

Location and access: 440 km from Noumea, five hours by road.
Tourist information: Mairie de Poum (Town Hall), tel: 47 61 85.
District festivals: Sea festival in June; Shaxhabign music festival from 5-7 November.
Gendarmerie: Tel: 47 89 30.
Arama dispensary: Tel: 88 10 57.
Banks: CCP Poum village, tel. 47 64 60.
Post Office: Post office agency, Poum village, tel. 47 64 60.