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Poindimié, considered the capital of the East Coast, has grown considerably in recent years. Today you can truly find there everything a visitor might want. The Napoémien valley, with its waterfalls, and the Ina, Amoa, Névaho or Tchamba valleys are not to be missed, nor are the Pombeï falls on the Tiwaka. The lush vegetation gives a magical dimension to the landscape; hundreds of plant species are found there, including magnificent tree ferns. A delight for anyone who likes hiking or trekking on horseback.
As far as the sea is concerned, Poindimié is part of the “North and East Coastal Area”, registered on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The large beach at Tiéti offers rolling waves for the local children while their mothers pick up operculum (little shells) from the sand to decorate articles. Poindimié is also a scuba diving hot spot, known for its sites and for the coloured fauna and flora encountered there. You can also take a boat to go fishing or spend a lovely lazy day on superb Tibarama Islet. Not to mention visiting the Tyé church, the Saint-Pierre d’Ometteux chapel and the Saint-Paul church, if you like liturgical monuments.
In this region, meeting people, sharing and human contact are very easy and the people are smiling and friendly. All along the road, there are makeshift stalls with fruit and vegetables and craft products that you can buy. If no one is there, leave the money requested and go off again with your purchase. It’s a matter of trust!

Practical information

Location and access: On the East Coast, between Ponérihouen and Touho, 309 kilometres from Noumea by the RT1 as far as Koné, then by the magnificent road that crosses the mountain chain and finishes at Tiwaka. Allow four hours by road from the capital.
Air connections: Flights three times a week to Touho (Monday, Wednesday, Friday) from the Magenta domestic airport, tel. 25 14 00; Aircal, tel. 25 21 77.
Tourist information: Mairie de Poindimié (Town Hall), tel. 42 60 10.
District festivals: Art’East Mothers’ Day special festival in May; cordylines and endemic plants festival in July; Pacific book salon in September; Anûû-rû âboro peoples’ international cinema festival in October and November.
Markets, craftwork: Market in the village every Saturday morning.
Banks: BCI Poindimié village, tel. 42 71 13; CCP Poindimié village, tel. 42 71 00; Société Générale Poindimié Village, tel. 42 72 80.
Gendarmerie: Village, tel. 47 89 00.
Pharmacy and hospital: Poindimié village pharmacy, tel. 42 72 66; Poindimié hospital, tel. 42 71 44; specialised hospital: Tel. 42 60 34.
Médiathèque Nord (North multimedia library): Tel: 42 67 00
Post Office: Post office agency, village, tel. 42 71 00.
Car rental: ALV Auto Location Vente, tel. 42 58 00.
Service stations: Total Poindimié, tel. 42 72 62; Mobil Poindimié, tel. 42 71 79.
Bookshops: Librairie Sans Faute, village, tel. 42 70 00.