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A little mining village which was part of Canala district until recently, Kouaoua has become the youngest New Caledonian local government district, becoming separate in the 1990s. You get there by the Col d’Amieu road and its 500 bends! Here too, mining is the leading activity, with an impressive rolling conveyor taking the ore to the loading wharf. In Kouaoua, you can explore the history of mining heritage and its local features. Thus, the ore conveyor is unique in the world, with its 12 km length and a conveyor which goes around bends, something not seen anywhere else. You will still see men at work, extracting the ore and sending it to the loading wharf, well sheltered at the back of the bay. Then it is processed in the metallurgical units of the SLN plant in Doniambo. For a completely different activity, consider walking the botanical path that takes you to Koh waterfall.

Practical information

Location and access: Located at the exit of the Col d’Amieu cross-country road on the East Coast, 173 kilometres from Noumea.
Tourist information: Mairie de Kouaoua (Town Hall), tel: 42 64 64.
Post office and bank: CCP and post office agency, village, tel. 42 45 00.
Dispensary: 47 75 50.
Service station: Mobil, tel. 42 45 14.
Gendarmerie: 45 53 20.