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Pharmacies and medical care

The capital is full of pharmacies, general practitioners and specialists. So there is no cause for anxiety regarding health, with modern infrastructure and numerous qualified professionals in the country. The new hospital to Koutio, the Magnin, Baie-des-Citrons and Anse-Vata clinics, dispense and provide all essential care and operations. And in certain specific cases, medical evacuations can be carried out to Sydney, in Australia.
In the bush villages, pharmacies and surgeries are also open throughout the week, while hospitals have been established in Koumac and Poindimié. In addition, dispensaries provide first aid in all the smaller districts.

Service stations and the gendarmerie

In nearly every village, you will find a service station and a gendarmerie office. See the details in the pages on the North Province districts.

Currency and banks

The currency in New Caledonia is the French Pacific franc. Its rate is established in fixed parity with the euro, which is worth 119.33 Pacific francs. Thus 100 euros is 12,000 Pacific francs.
There are 500, 1 000, 5 000 and 10 000 Pacific franc notes and 100, 50, 20, 5, 2 and 1 franc coins.
While the standard credit cards (Visa and American Express) are generally accepted in bush hotels and some restaurants, it is better to arrange cash for your more remote trips. In the bush, you will find bank agencies and ATMs in the main districts you travel through. The Western Union service is accessible in Noumea for rapid transfers. If you still have some notes before leaving, consider changing them locally.