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The magnificient natural world of the North

In touring around New Caledonia, from Poya to Canala, you almost feel as if you are going through several countries, so impressive is the diversity of the natural world. It has the potential to captivate even the most seasoned traveller in search of scenery that is still unspoiled and pristine.

New Caledonia is one of those rare regions in the world, that has such varied fauna and flora and such a high rate of endemic species over a very small surface area. The North Province has and maintains around 5 000 hectares of dry forest which, since 2001, has been incorporated into a territorial conversation programme. And the population, which is keen to preserve this fragile heritage, has set up activities close to eco-tourism facilities which allow you to explore, take your time, feel, gaze and savour the moment. In the West there are vast fertile plains and endless panoramic views as the eye can see. You mustn't miss experiencing the incredible panoramic views accessible only after several hours on foot or on horseback, set on the top of the ridges, allowing you to admire both sides of the country. For here almost everything local consumed by the inhabitants of Noumea, sprouts and grows. Nothing but healthy products, raised in the fresh air and sometimes processed with old-fashioned methods and unique skill.

Preservation of nature

preservation natureIn the North, you will travel through a well-preserved natural world, where there are numerous tracks for small hikes or mountain biking and little paths that will take you to bush farms or to the heart of Kanak tribal villages, where you meet people proud of their country and their natural surroundings. Be aware too that specialist guides can take you, accompagnying the sound of your footsteps with talks on history, botany, legends or anecdotes. It is a total change of scenery, with the discovery of sites that sometimes only insiders know...the mangrove swamps for example, much underrated, which consitute a natural interface between the land environment and the sea, between the mangrove forest and the sea. Veritable natural filters for wastewater, they are home to biological communities of great diversity and cover around 50% of the country's coastline.

 The picturesque Ouaième ferry

Unique lookouts over the lagoon, excursions deep into the tropical forest, swimming in the waterfalls, the rivers, the crystalline waterholes, trips by outrigger canoe...


When you arrive in Hienghène from the North, passing through Pouébo, you will take the quaint Ouaième car ferry, the last in New Caledonia, which always charms local and international visitors and offers you the opportunity to admire the picturesque river surroundings. After crossing, the road goes back along the sea and you arrive in the village from on high, passing near Mont-Panié, the highest point on the island, 1,629 meters in altitude. Arriving from the South is just as magical with magnificient views of exceptionally beautifull scenery, such as the black rock cliffs of Lindéralique, which from iconic images of the country.

 Guided excursions and hikes

 STF0017A bit further on, the road winds up high and takes you to the famous lookout over the whole of Hienghène Bay. Here, you can also engage in numerous activities. Water or land sports, exploration of the Kanak world with visits to tribal villages or forays to the Goa Ma Bwarhat Cultural Center, which houses a museum on Kanak arts and traditions. The village's tourism office also provides all kinds of useful information for exploring the region as fully as possible. Numerous excursions and guided hikes-on hoseback or on foot- to the tribal villages of Tiendanite, Tendo and Bas-Coulna are also possible, while a trip on the Ouayaguette track will take you along beside a river edged with lush vegetation to a welcome at the end which is always enthusiastic. A unique and enriching experience...


Boxes :

The universal rule of not visiting someone's home empty-handed applies in New Caledonia. In the Kanak community, Kanak custom is practised. Meaning if you go to a tribal village, take a manou (a lengtg of coloured fabric) and 1 000 francs as your custom offering.

Address book :

Peche a la crevette


  • Guesthouse "Porin Néa" : Shrimp fishing


  • Paddock of Boutana : Visit of the property


  • Eric Tikarso : Horse trekking, crossing the mountain chain with bivouac
  • ULM Koné : Flying over the lagoon and onver the heart of Voh


  • Ranch du carré 9 : Horse trekking
  • Voh Heritage and History Association : Guided hikes (heritage and history)
  • Gatope diving : Dive
  • Koniambo Evasion : Kayaking, jet-sky, windsurf
  • Ecomuseum of coffee : history about coffee in Voh


Peche a la mouche

  • La Crinière riding club : Horse trekking
  • Koumac Tourisme : Guided visits, in particular to Tiébaghi village
  • Rêve Bleu Calédonie : Dive



  • Dahma Benjamin : Line fishing and fly fishing
  • Malabou Fishing : Casting, jigging, big-game fishing, Islet trip
  • Relais de Golonne : Taxi boat
  • Relais de Poingam : Salterns and distillery of Niaoulis


  • Chez Bouli : Discover Diahot's river by boat, and visit the Pam mine


  • Association Djowero : Yambé tribal village, craftwork : sculpture, weaving, basketwork
  • Ouane Batch : Canoes for hire, snorkeling, hikking


  • Tribal village accommodation center
  • Goa Ma Bwarhat Cultural Center : Museum, permanent exhibition
  • Nord Aventure : Trips by kayak
  • Hienghène tourism office : Hikes to tribal villages
  • Babou Côté Océan : Dive, snorkeling, kayak, VTT, boat trip


  • Ouanache tribal village : hikes with Jacques ThyKayak
  • Touho tourism office : hikes to tribal village, adventure trek on a historic track to the tribal villages of Pombéï, Tiwaé and Ouanache


  • Napoémien tribal village : hikes with Jéhudit Pwija
  • Brousse o'thentik : Water sports, tribal activities, hiking
  • Association Odyssée : kayak excursions at Tibarama islet or on Amoa river.
  • Aqualagoon : Snorkeline
  • Tiéti Diving : Dive
  • Loupiot Sea Diving : Dive